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This is the 'especially for my Object Rotterdam visitors' page!

Who won???


Only 10 people guessed everything right or everything wrong, and were therefore able to distinguish all the originals from the AI variants.

Very clever, because apparently it was super difficult!


And the winner of the draw is…. Jacinta de M.! Congratulations! You will receive the € 50,- gift voucher in your email!


Furthermore, everyone who participated will receive a 20% discount on the 'A and I' collection as a thank you! Please mention the discount code from the email with your order :-)

The results of the research:

uitslag A and I Ned graag png.1.png

0/9 good: 5 out of 281 people


1/9 good: 26 out of 281 people


2/9 good: 41 out of 281 people


3/9 good: 58 out of 281 people


4/9 good: 51 out of 281 people


5/9 good: 38 out of 281 people


6/9 good: 33 out of 281 people


7/9 good: 17 out of 281 people


8/9 good: 7 out of 281 people


9/9 good: 5 out of 281 people



In general, the results were 50/50, with a very slight tendency towards more error, indicating that the originals were slightly more likely to be mistaken for the AI variant than the other way around.


People reasoned that AI made -more- of it, or -less-…

People chose with their intuition, or chose based on preference...

And furthermore, similar form expressions or technical details were linked together (so both AI or not)…

…But none of the above tactics turned out to be 100% effective!


Is AI just as good as me?


  • AI has taken one of my works as an example and is, as it were, making a reproduction of it in a different form.

  • While most of my designs are actually converted into a physical sculpture, AI often requires hundreds of attempts to come up with a good design with my signature. Moreover, it is not AI that chooses, but me.

  • The flat image that AI generated still had to be interpreted in 3D by me.

  • The physically and technically challenging work of the making process was done by me.

  • If I continued to 'design' like this, there would never be any development in my work, but rather an erosion. 


I believe that it is my vision, guidance and input that has achieved the quality of the AI works and has given them my authenticity. And therefore they were difficult to distinguish from each other.


But, if you want to experiment or you need inspiration, AI can certainly help you get more out of your creativity, I certainly believe that! I definitely see AI as a valuable tool that you can use. With the comment that real creation is always hard work, and AI offers no shortcut for this. 


I currently feel the need to start working in my analog way again. First of all, this is a lot faster, but even more important is the fact that my sculptures feel closer to me. The 'A and I' project was a wonderful experience with nine beautiful sculptures adopted by me, but is now complete. Thank you for your input and your enormous enthusiasm, I will never forget that!

Read more?

Do you want to know everything about AI in the creative sector? Below is a web address of a fantastic and easy to read magazine 'Kunstzone',

about art and culture (in education), completely dedicated to AI (November 2023). IN DUTCH!!! 

(copy the above address and paste into your browser!)

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