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Just as earthly as elevated

About my work in general

My sculptures, each with a personal first name, originate deep from my subconscious and are timeless through the embodiment of beauty and the balance between the apparent contradictions within ourselves and in the world. They are a celebration of diversity and, with a touch of pop art here and there, carry the contemporary energy of a unconventional spirit.

After a creative childhood in the forest in the artists' village of Bergen N.H. The Netherlands  (born in 1977), and after a so-called safe 'previous life' as an executive secretary and mother, I found my full form as a self-taught artist in 2020.

Current and upcoming exhibitions:

March 7 to April 13, 2024

MunichArtGallery Munich, group show: TheFemaleShow

For sale (separate from the exhibitions); contact me via the contact page.

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