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Just as earthly as elevated

I create contemporary and minimalist sculptures with which I create peace, strength and joy.

Balance for the world and for myself. Apparent simplicity, which does not lose its magic.


I look for shapes that feel right. Shapes that are just as earthly as elevated.


I name my sculptures, a title is restrictive for me. A name comes from your subconscious mind and is almost always appropriate. You feel it, but you cannot dissect it clinically. With everything in my life I notice that my subconscious mind and the symbolism associated with it plays a major role.

Another thing that often appears in my designs is a masculine energy that wants to manifest. An energy that stands for doing my own thing, being able to focus, putting something in the world and having a healthy self-esteem without having to be perfect… This is very liberating for me and gives me a lot of pleasure. By making sculptures my masculine and feminine sides are in balance. That makes me a complete person.

Because I am 'different', or difficult to frame, -I have a character full of contradictions in all areas-, I know what it is like not to fit in and also how valuable it is to to feel the freedom that is necessary to take that freedom at a certain point in your life, to dare to be yourself. To feel equal, without having to be similar. Suppression of race, gender, religion, sexuality, emotions… as a person and society you get a disproportionate amount of problems in return. So if there's one thing I want to plea for, except for balance, it’s for freedom and equality.

Current and upcoming exhibitions:

17 June / 22 July 2023

Trio exhibition together with Mieke Fokkinga and Frank Lenferink, Gallery With Tsjalling, Groningen, The Netherlands.

For sales (separate from the exhibits); please contact me by mail, social media or telephone.

You are most welcome in my home studio in Alkmaar, in the North of The Netherlands. I make a nice cup of coffee, show you everything without obligation, tell you about my work and life and I am curious about who you are!

Or link with me by clicking on one of the social media icons!

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